Terry Hunt announces the launch of new financial transparency portal – Kane County Open Finance

At last Wednesday’s meeting of the Finance and Budget Committee, Kane County Auditor Terry Hunt announced the soft launch of KANE COUNTY OPEN FINANCE, a new and improved financial transparency portal on February 3, 2020.  While there are still several reports in the development stage, committee members were favorably impressed – both with the wealth of financial information already available and the ease with which that data came to life.

Hunt stated “Kane County Open Finance is just the most recent improvement that we have made in providing simple and transparent access to the county financial information for our internal users, as well as the general public.  In 2015 we implemented Kane County OpenGov which provided access to information not previously available in a user-friendly format.  That was a great tool for us over the past five years, but now we have an even better resource in Kane County Open Finance.” 

Hunt went on to explain “Our office remains focused on providing financial transparency, accountability and accessibility for the taxpayers of Kane County.  Our constituents expect the best service we can provide, and they deserve no less.  Kane County Open Finance will provide all of the information previously available.  We will also be able to expand upon those reports and provide access to information in virtual real time.  Not only will we making more information available to the public, but with the recent acquisition of Socrata by Tyler Technologies, the seamless integration of the software used in our new transparency platform and our existing financial accounting package will provide greater speed, accuracy and security.  From my perspective that is a win-win-win situation for Kane County.”  

Kane County Open Finance can be accessed at  Links to the site will also be available on the home page of the Kane County website as well as the Kane County Auditor’s page.

We sincerely hope that the public will take advantage of the information we make readily available.  We are continuing to develop and test new reports, so please check in often.  We also welcome your suggestions for how we can make the site even better.

Dave Anderson honored at the 2019 Western Townships Republicans Christmas Party

Dave Anderson has served 24 years as Precinct Committeeman and for longer than that as a local businessman, public servant and leader in the Elburn Community. On December 19th, Western Kane County Republican Organization Chairman Terry Hunt and his grandson Declan Herron presented Dave with a commemorative plaque to honor his service.

Dave Anderson was honored for his 24 years as a Precinct Committeeman

Terry Hunt was the first Kane County candidate to file for the 2020 primary

Thanks to the help of nearly 40 volunteers I was able to collect nearly 1,100 signatures on my petition pages. I really appreciate the support.

Stan Bond Memorial Scholarship winner

Charles Konen of Sugar Grove was awarded the inaugural Stan Bond Memorial Scholarship award. Vicki Danklefsen – Chairman of the Scholarship Committee, and Terry Hunt – Chairman of the Western Townships Republicans presented the award.

Charles Konen winner of the first annual Stan Bond Memorial Scholarship

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